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Water Damage
Restoration Services on Long Island, NY

In the aftermath of a severe storm or a significant leak, you may be left with extensive water damage. Unfortunately, even just a small hole in your roof can leave you with thousands of dollars in water damage. Not to mention, if not dealt with quickly, it can lead to weaknesses in the foundation of your home or business, a breeding ground for pests, and mold growth. That’s why it’s incredibly important to resolve water damage as quickly as possible. While you may have solved the problem that caused the damage, water damage restoration is key to returning your home or business to its safest and healthiest state. 


Long Island Water Damage Restoration Services

Magic Home Restoration offers comprehensive water damage restoration services on Long Island, NY, from emergency extraction to complete repair and rebuilds. We have a wide range of professional restoration services, including extraction, drying, dehumidification, sanitization, odor removal, and mold remediation. Plus, we’re experienced in handling all types of water damage emergencies, such as flooding or leaks.

Unattended water damage can have serious consequences for a home or office building, such as weakening the structure of the property or causing health problems due to mold growth. That’s why it’s vital to seek professional help when dealing with water damage.

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Causes of Water Damage

Water damage is, of course, caused by water, but being aware of what can lead to water damage can allow you to take the necessary precautions to prevent it from happening. There’s a variety of ways for water to get into your home or business, including: 

  • Flooding that’s caused by severe weather or low elevation. 
  • Severe storms leading to roof damage and extensive leaks. 
  • A leak in the pipes, whether inside the walls, from toilets or sinks, or water heaters. 
  • Condensation forming around AC vents. 
  • Malfunctioning sprinkler systems — commonly found in businesses, apartments, or dorms. 
  • Clogged rain gutters causing water to pool into the house’s structures. 
  • Issues with appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. 
  • Burst pipes due to changes in temperature. 

These common causes can help you be aware of areas of your home or business to check and ensure there are no issues. Knowing these are our most common culprits, you can take the following precautions: 

  • Check appliances to ensure they are properly installed so that no water can leak out. 
  • Clean gutters regularly. 
  • Have your roof inspected annually and more often if you have experienced severe storms or strong winds. 
  • Be aware of where water tends to pool around your home in case elevation issues may cause water to flow into your home. 
  • Regularly inspect sinks, toilets, and tubs for leaks or slow drains. 
  • Check for condensation forming around air vents on hot days. 

By taking these measures, you can do your best to prevent water damage from occurring in your home or business. That being said, accidents happen, and you can’t prevent every problem. In those cases, Magic Home Restoration is happy to provide you with high-quality water damage restoration services on Long Island, NY.

Signs of Water Damage

In some cases, you may not be aware of a leak until you see the water damage forming. That’s why it’s crucial to be aware of the signs, so you can stop the damage before it worsens. Some common indicators of water damage include: 

  • Bubbling or peeling paint
  • Water rings that are yellow-brown
  • Damp, musty odors
  • Hairline cracks in the wall or ceiling
  • Bowing in the ceiling
  • Mold growth
  • Soft drywall

If you notice any of these signs, try to identify the culprit based on the location of the damage. If it’s not immediately obvious, do not attempt to peel back walls or look for the leak without a professional. After having the leak repaired, contact Magic Home Restoration. We’ll extract the damaged area, dehumidify the room, sanitize, and restore it to its former condition. Water damage restoration can be difficult because we’re not only ridding the room of the damage but also trying to eliminate any smells, mold, or pests. That’s why an experienced team of professionals is the way to go if your home or business has water damage.

What to Do After Discovering Water Damage

After you’ve discovered water damage in your home and called in a professional to inspect the extent of the damage and determine the cause of the leak, you can take the following steps. 

Firstly, shut off the water so the leak can’t continue. Or, in the case of a leak in your roof or flooding, put out a bucket to collect the water and some towels to keep the area as dry as possible. Also, ensure the water isn’t near any wiring or electrical systems in your home. 

Then ensure that any valuables such as paintings, pictures, computers, and furniture are out of the way of the leak or flooding. If the room is flooding, prop furniture like couches and chairs on blocks to keep them off the ground and out of the way of flooding. 

If necessary, use a shop vac to remove excess water but avoid using a common home vacuum as they aren’t made for collecting excess water. 

After the leak has been resolved, contact our team to come in and repair the damages. We’ll restore your home or business to its original state quickly and efficiently so you can move on from this inconvenience as quickly as possible. 

Consequences of Water Damage

Unattended water damage can have serious consequences for a home or office building. Water damage can cause structural weaknesses and cracks in the foundations, weakening the stability of the building. Left unchecked, it can also lead to the growth of harmful mold, which can spread throughout the property and cause respiratory issues or other health problems. Furthermore, if water seeps through walls and ceilings, it can create conditions ideal for other pests to breed, such as termites and cockroaches, further weakening the structure of the property. 

For these reasons, seeking professional help when dealing with water damage is important. Magic Home Restoration offers top-notch restoration services on Long Island, NY, tailored specifically to fit each customer’s needs. Our experts are experienced in extraction, drying, dehumidification, sanitization, odor removal, and reconstruction services. We guarantee superior results, delivered promptly and professionally every time!

Our Water Damage Restoration Services

We cover a wide range of water damage restoration services on Long Island, NY, so you’re not only getting rid of the damages but also making it look and feel as though they never happened at all. We go beyond the typical restoration services to ensure the prevention of mold growth, preventative maintenance, and sanitization. Magic Home Restoration provides: 

  • Emergency water extraction to remove standing water from the premises.
  • Drying and dehumidification to prevent mold growth.
  • Sanitization and odor removal.
  • Reconstruction services to return the property to its pre-damage condition
  • Flood damage repair.
  • Leak detection and repair.
  • Structural repairs due to water damage.
  • Mold remediation.
  • Fire sprinkler system repairs.
  • Routine preventive maintenance to keep potential problems at bay.

Every homeowner or business owner should have an emergency plan ready for when water damage strikes. Magic Home Restoration offers a comprehensive range of services that can help you tackle any problem related to water damage in your home or commercial property. Our qualified team is here to lead you through the entire restoration process and ensure top-notch results are delivered promptly and hassle-free. So don’t hesitate – contact us today at Magic Home Restoration. Leave the water damage to us so you can concentrate on what really matters.

Water Damage Restoration Services on Long Island, NY

When it comes to water damage, no one knows how to handle it better than Magic Home Restoration. We are an experienced and reliable restoration company on Long Island, NY, that offers comprehensive services from emergency water extraction to complete repair and rebuilds. We can handle any task, so you can get back to your life with confidence knowing the job is done right. 

When dealing with water damage, you must act fast and call us right away at Magic Home Restoration. Our staff can help assess the damage and devise a plan of action for the most effective means of repairing or restoring your property. You can count on us for quality work, delivered promptly and professionally every time. 

We understand how difficult dealing with excess water can be, and we’re focused on fixing the problem and maintaining your comfort throughout the process. In the event of water damage, we take special care to keep our clients updated at all times and to restore their residence or business as quickly as possible to its previous condition. With our experience and expertise, we guarantee superior results tailored specifically to fit your needs.

If you need assistance with water damage restoration on Long Island, NY, such as flooding or leaks, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately at Magic Home Restoration.

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