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Asbestos Removalon Long Island, NY

Removing Asbestos On Long Island

Magic Home Restoration of Long Island provides fast, effective and professional asbestos removal services. We understand that asbestos can be a major health hazard if left untreated, which is why we take special care to make sure it is removed in the most efficient way possible.

Asbestos is often found in older homes where its presence has not been detected until recently. It was commonly used for insulation, roofing and other building materials throughout the 20th century but it has since been banned due to its potential to cause serious health problems when inhaled or ingested. As such, it’s essential to have a certified team like ours at Magic Home Restoration handle any asbestos removal project as soon as possible.

What are The Health Risks of Asbestos?

The possible side effects of Asbestos, and why it should be removed professionally include:

Our technicians will assess the property first in order to identify the exact type and location of the asbestos before starting any removal processes. If necessary we will employ advanced containment strategies in order to limit exposure risks for our team & reduce the chance of cross-contamination during disposal. We use high-end collections methods such as airtight sealing bags & special vacuums that allow us to trap airborne fibers in an environmentally friendly manner without affecting surrounding areas too much!

Asbestos: Your Ideal Choice in Long Island for Removal

Furthermore our team will also be capable of performing post-removal inspections after completion as an additional safety measure – guaranteeing clients peace of mind upon job’s conclusion! All this makes Magic Home Restoration your ideal choice when addressing any particular issue with asbestos on premises located within the Long Island region!

So don’t hesitate – give us a call today & let us take care of all your needs while ensuring safety standards are met every step of the way!

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