A burst pipe in a home is a stressful experience for any homeowner. It is the last thing anyone wants to deal with because it is so inconvenient. A burst pipe in your home creates a lot of mess to clean and can drip into all corners of your house, leaving ruined furniture and valuables in its trail. The problem of burst pipes escalates quickly; a slight crack can fill your house with many liters of water. Dealing with it is a complete nightmare and leaves you with a mountain of expenses and invoices to settle, costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars for repairs.

However, this can be contained and handled if you know what to do if a pipe bursts and how to respond quickly to minimize harm. A burst pipe doesn’t happen every day, but you must know what to do in an emergency when it does. A lack of information can cost you a lot of money.

Here’s what you should do:

Shut Off the Main Source

When you discover a leaking or busted pipe in your home, first turn off the main water supply. Ensure that no new water flows into the pipe system during the burst, preventing water damage. Look for your water’s main source in places such as the basement, areas near your water heater, tiny crawl spaces, etc.

Turn on the water supply only after your plumber has given you the all-clear. Also, once the source has been turned off, open all your faucets to drain the remaining water in your pipes; this relieves any pressure in your pipe system.

Switch Off Your Electricity Panel

Depending on the size and location of the burst pipe, when water runs out of places like your ceilings and walls, you should switch off your power directly from the electric panel. You might need to call an electrician if there has been any damage to your wiring or simply as a safety precaution.

Call a Professional Plumber

In the event of a burst pipe, you must call a plumber once you’ve turned off the water and electricity supply and have effectively limited damages to as minimal as possible. It’s essential to hire a professional to determine the source of the burst, explain all viable remedies, and remedy the problem in record time to restore all normalcy to your day. 

If you reside in Long Island, Magic Home Restoration is an expert at dealing with situations like a burst pipe. We collaborate with plumbers to fix the problem, minimize damage and reduce the chance of casualties as quickly as possible.

Move Out Important Belongings

If you have successfully identified the source of the leak, clear out all your belongings in that area, including furniture, décor, devices, documents, or anything of value, to prevent more damage from the burst pipe. Also, clearing the space and opening all doors and windows help dry all moist areas faster.

A problem with a burst pipe shouldn’t always have to be too stressful. The professionals at Magic Home Restoration are here to help relieve you of the tension and assist you in getting your life back to normal and in great form. With years of experience in burst pipes and water damage, Magic Home Restoration is a reputable company, your water problem will be handled promptly, competently, and efficiently with minimum inconvenience.

However, before contacting a professional, you should follow the guides above to prevent further damage.

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